Have Your Pride Event LGBT Network/Pride Certified!

The LGBT Network is announcing an exciting chance for your organization to become an Official Partner of the LGBT Network during Pride Month! This Partnership offers your organization the opportunity to use the LGBT Network’s name and logo to promote your event as an Official and Certified Pride event!

As part of this partnership, the LGBT Network will promote your community Pride event and details in our Pride Month calendars across our websites and in other marketing materials reaching tens of thousands of people across Long Island!

In addition, your organization will receive an official Pride/LGBT Network certified event logo to include in your own promotional materials that will help make an important connection to the LGBTQ and allied community. The LGBT Network’s name and work are well-known and trusted and an important part of life for LGBTQ people and their families on Long Island.

Since 1993, The LGBT Network has been a trusted home and voice for LGBT people, their families, and support systems on Long Island and in Queens. Serving hundreds of thousands of people each year, the LGBT Network is a home, a voice and safe space for the community where our fierce work and visibility creates safer spaces where LGBT people live, learn, work, play and pray!

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